Savannah Food Tour, Part Deux

Here is the synopsis of the rest my long eating adventure in Savannah. I definitely recommend this place as a must visit. The food is amazing and the culture and town are beyond beautiful. I enjoyed every bit of my mini-vacation.

The Crab Shack – driving to Tybee Island, all you see are advertisements for the Crab Shack. But we didn’t go based on that. Tuan had dined there before when he was in town for a bachelor party, and Rachel Ray had featured this place in her $40 a Day show. Driving up, I first noticed it was in an obscure location, down a two lane road off the main highway in a residential area. And it literally is a huge shack off the bank of a river. You have your choice of dining outside or inside. We opted for inside, since it was pretty humid outside. But for diners who choose outdoors, sometimes you’ll get glimpses of dolphins in the water. Looking over the menu, there’s a great variety of seafood from fresh fish to shellfish. We opted for the seafood platter – a huge tray of snow crab legs, stone crabs, crawfish, shrimp, mussels, sausage, corn and potatoes. It was enough to feed a family of 4, the portions were insane! And the seafood was amazing delicious. My hands down favorite were the crabs and crawfish, cooked to perfection with the right amount of spice. The corn was the sweetest thing I’ve ever bitten into, I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying it. The mussels and shrimp I could have done without, I think we would have gotten our money’s worth with just the crabs and crawfish. And as a bonus, the tables all have holes cut out in the middle, so you can just toss your shells and scraps down the hole, super convenient!

Vics on the River – We were looking for a light lunch and saw Vics on the River as we were exploring downtown. It was a beautiful restaurant, very reminiscent of a gorgeous county club with a black and tan motif. I was craving something really healthy, and the spinach/arugula salad with grilled shrimp really caught my eye. It was served with a tangy vinaigrette, with candied pecans and watermelon and cantaloupe. I think it was the healthiest item I ate all week, but oh so refreshing and perfect for a light lunch!


Tuan ordered the wild Georgia shrimp stuffed with crab. It was served with asparagus and dirty rice, another perfect combo. After eating so many deep fried items, it was finally nice to have a meal that wouldn’t clog our arteries. The atmosphere was beautiful and the restaurant overlooked the river, so it was nice to be able to sit back, relax and just take in everything.



Alligator Soul – on our last night, we wanted to go out with a bang and get some super authentic southern cuisine. Alligator Soul was highly recommended on a few of the sites I had checked out. First up, we ordered the oysters bienville – oysters topped with a mixture of cajun spices, sausage, bacon, crawfish and shrimp all baked until a golden brown perfection. It was reminiscent of oysters rockefeller, but with a southern twist. It was delicious, the spices were a perfect combo and the oysters were super creamy. It was such a treat to bite into the stuffing and get huge chunks of crawfish and shrimp as an added flavor.

Tuan ordered the surf and turf, a bacon wrapped filet with seared sea scallops. The bacon wasn’t just any bacon, but a thick slice of apple wood smoked bacon, it was amazing! The dish was served with whipped truffle mashed potatoes and the best green beans I’ve ever had! Tuan was really craving red meat, especially since we had been dining on seafood all weekend and his filet was cooked to perfection.



My main entree was the seared diver scallops in a vodka tomato sauce. The scallops were gigantic and seared perfectly, still retaining that sweet and creamy taste. I wasn’t a big fan of the sauce though. The pickled cabbage, celery and carrots were a little too tangy for me and I just felt that it was too much of a contrast with the scallops. But sauce aside, the scallops were perfect. The restaurant was located in a basement and it had a very old Savannah feel, with large murals on the brick walls and amazing Southern hospitality. All in all, I think it was a fitting last meal in Savannah.

For my first visit to Savannah, I was completely impressed. The cuisine was amazing and I don’t think I could ever manage to devour so many large plates in such a short time period again, but every bite was worth it.

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