Lunch in Lexington, VA

I was in Lexington, VA earlier this week and stopped into the Sheridan Livery Inn for lunch. This hotel/restaurant is situated on one of the quaintest and most peaceful streets I’ve ever come across. Like everything else in Lexington, there is a rich history to this building. It originally opened in the late 1800s by an Irish immigrant who provided a stable and carriage service. The building became an Inn and restaurant in 1997. Just walking into the dining space, you get a sense of how historic it is. And on a nice day, there’s a beautiful patio with outdoor seating for a diner to take in the scenery while enjoying a meal.

I ordered one of the daily specials as my lunch — pan seared grouper with a pesto sauce served on top of sauteed spinach. The grouper was cooked to perfection and the mild flavor of the fish worked really well with the pesto sauce and slight saltiness from the spinach. On a day when the temperature outside was inching close to three digits, my lunch was perfectly balanced and light; which served to be a refreshing retreat from the outdoors. It was such a peaceful dining area that I just wanted to sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of my afternoon with another glass of cold sweet tea and great company.

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