Grand Opening at Café Rio

We had been watching this opening for a while, a Mexican place not too far from our house? It sounded like an instant winner! So after their grand opening, I waited a few months until the crowds died down to check it out.

We went during the weekday lunch rush, so there was quite a crowd. I decided I’d get the enchilada and taco combo, with a side of chips and salsa. The pricing was great; a meal for two for around $20 was a steal. The actual food though left little to be desired. I may have picked the wrong meat choice; I went with their sweet pork barbacoa for both my enchilada and taco. The sweetness was overpowering! I tried to mask some of the flavor by dousing it in habanera sauce, but it was still too sweet for my taste. The chips and salsa were pretty delicious, I devoured every last crumb. I’m not sure if I’d go back, I may if I’m in the mood for Mexican and don’t feel like venturing to District Taco.

One of the draws of this place though is their drink bar. There are a variety of drink choices and you can mix and match lemonades, syrups and flavors to custom make a drink. That was pretty cool! I felt like a kid in a candy store trying to decide what concoction I’d make!

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One Thought to “Grand Opening at Café Rio”

  1. stacy

    Hola Amigo
    I understand that you and my cousin Sweet Pork didn’t have a very good experience together, and what can I say? He’s always been so sweet, so sensitive we’ve tried mi amigo, believe me, but él es muy difícilto , no? He says it works with the Senorita’s, so how can we blame him?

    I think I may be more what you’re looking for. I am strong, bold and I am not afraid of pequeño fuego. So go on, give me a try. Please send me your address to, I’d love to buy your dinner.

    Gracias Amigo,

    Grilled Steak

    PS you should give my good friend Creamy Tomatillo a try, she is magnifico with salads, tortillas, tacos, chips, really anything Amigo! Ole!

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