Getting Fat and Happy in Savannah, GA

We have been planning this eating adventure for a while and I was super excited to finally be able to go during Easter weekend. I did a ton of research and had put together a great list of culinary delights that would give me a full spectrum of the food that the south is known for. There were a few places that really stood out to me, so I will actually dedicate a separate post to those, but here’s a synopsis of my long weekend in Savannah.

Huey’s on the River – this place is located right on the cobblestone streets of downtown Savannah on River Street. It’s a Cajun/Creole place inspired from Louisiana. I ordered the crawfish etouffee based off the waiter’s recommendation, and having tasted what an authentic crawfish etouffee should taste like in New Orleans, I had high expectations. I was extremely impressed with the portions, we ordered 1 dish and had it split between 2 people and that seemed more than plenty. The spices however were lacking. I had to give it a really good helping of Tabasco sauce to liven up the dish. Overall though, it wasn’t a bad dish, but definitely does not compare to the etouffee I’ve had in New Orleans. And I love crawfish, so I had to order it.

The Breakfast Club – one of our main goals was to go eat where the locals eat. So we found The Breakfast Club on Tybee Island — which is about a 30 minute drive outside of Savannah. When we walked up, there was a line out the door, but it didn’t take us long to get a seat at. Word of caution, do not come here expecting a healthy meal; instead, you will get a good ole fashion, loaded with butter and cholesterol type of breakfast. Tuan ordered the Helen’s Solidarity – a heart attack inducing concoction of polish sausage, green peppers and onions topped with scrambled eggs and cheese! Instead of the grits with butter, he ordered the home fries. I think this might be the perfect hang over cure! It was definitely your quintessential diner fare. I only had a few bites though, my stomach couldn’t handle all that grease.

I opted to go with one of their specialties, the pecan waffle with homemade sausage. The waffle was bathed in liquid butter after it came out of the waffle iron. Cholesterol highering qualities aside, it was a very delicious waffle, with pecans cooked right into the batter. I think the stand out to my meal was the homemade sausage, the patty was made with beef fat to keep it moist and a good helping of crush red peppers for a little spice. I think I would have enjoyed my meal a little bit more if I could have embraced the unhealthiness. But the atmosphere made up for it. We got the best seat in the house sitting at the counter. The line cooks were very entertaining and even though they worked since 6 in the morning, they were rather cranky, but still managed to make me laugh.

Rock House Bar – I don’t really consider bar food blog worthy, but we were hanging out at this bar in Tybee Island to watch the Capitals game and decided to order shrimp and chips as an appetizer. The first thing I noticed were the size of the shrimp, they were huge! The batter was a mix of cornmeal and what resembled a crab boil seasoning. It was delicious. And the fries were perfectly crispy with just the right amount of salt. I was very impressed. And the bartender made the perfect mojito to go with my meal. And  on the plus side, the Capitals won, so it totally made my afternoon!

LuLu’s Chocolate Bar – on our way down to Savannah, I was determined to eat a really scrumptious dessert. We were in the South after all, so I wanted something decadent. We found LuLu’s Chocolate Bar and made our way there for a night cap and late night snack. The waitress mentioned that their Strawberry Suspension cake was a big hit, so we got that and the chocolate raspberry cheesecake. The Strawberry Suspension cake was beyond amazing! It was a chocolate ganache cake with a layer of mascarpone cheese, big chunks of strawberries and the best chocolate crust I’ve ever tasted. I wasn’t even hungry that late at night, but we somehow managed to polish the plate in like 5 minutes. I think it was hands down the best slice of cake I’ve ever had! Just sitting here thinking about the cake has me salivating. Next up was the chocolate raspberry cheesecake. That didn’t even come close to comparing to the strawberry cake, but it was still delicious in it’s own way. But I think the sure fire winner here was the strawberry suspension cake.

So far, Savannah has won over my heart and belly! It’s an amazing city and I love the historic downtown area. The scenery is beautiful and we are experiencing the best southern hospitality!

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    omg, chocolate raspberry cheesecake?? drools… the craw fish etouffee looks mighty yummy too!!!

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