Found the Famous Poutine in Montreal

My husband and I went to Montreal to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. We are lovers of food and really wanted to go somewhere that had a distinct food culture. We found a food mecca in Montreal. One of the items on our list of must–eats was poutine, a native dish to Quebec. What exactly is this foreign sounding item? In its most simple form, it’s French fries, smothered in gravy and topped off with cheese curds. To us, it just sounded like something we needed to get our hands on!

We tried poutine for the first time at this little diner for a late dinner. We were less than impressed. After doing our due diligence and scouring the web, we came across a 24-hour place Anthony Bourdain visited when he was in Montreal. So on a gorgeous day, we took the metro out to a quaint little neighborhood and walked a few blocks to La Banquise. This was definitely your typical dive, metal tables, benches and random art work and mismatched pieces as décor. The place was packed on a late afternoon, but we were seated relatively quickly. I can see how this place is such a draw, especially for a late night crowd, and with the bonus of it being open 24 hours.

We ordered a large poutine to share, and had it topped with hot dog, bacon and mushrooms. Yes, you can add additional toppings to your poutine. What came out was a gigantic plate filled to the brim and loaded with fries, gravy, hot dog slices, bacon, mushrooms and cheese curds! It may not look like the most appetizing plate, but it was divine! The cheese curds were melting and provided an even more decadent touch to the dish. The fries soaked up the gravy and the bacon and hot dogs gave each bite the needed amount of sodium; it was very savory. It was real treat, and worth my cholesterol shooting up a few points!

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