(Food) Highlights of My Trip to Vegas

Besides the lights, shows and casinos, what else is Vegas know for? The food of course! Spending an extended amount of time in Vegas this past week let me get a really good sampling of some of the best cuisine Sin City has to offer. I definitely packed on a few pounds with the insane amount of calories I consumed, but in the end, it was all worth it. Here are just a few highlights from my eating adventure in Vegas.

Morels French Steakhouse & Bistro

I started of the meal with the moules and frits, a classic that I just had to get. It was served in the traditional shallots, garlic and white wine sauce. The mussels were on the smaller size, but plump and full of flavor. The broth provided the perfect back drop and made a great dipping sauce.

For my main entrée, I got the grilled Canadian Salmon served in a fennel, basil, tomato and olive lemon butter sauce. For lunch, this was the perfect way to start off my afternoon. The salmon was moist and tender and the slices of fennel were crisp and added the much needed texture. This meal was a feast for the eyes and my belly.

Aureole Restaurant

While looking over the dinner menu here, I had a pretty tough choice deciding what to get. So instead of putting myself through the agony, I opted for the tasting menu. There were so many different flavor combinations, many of which were familiar to me, but done in such a way that I found it interesting. I loved the presentations of the dishes. And since there were so many courses, the bite size portions were perfect. I left dinner feeling strangely full and superbly satisfied with the meal. Here are some of my favorite pics from the tasting menu.

Left – Hawaiian Hamachi with lemon confit

Right – chilled lobster salad with cold pressed olive oil


Left – new potato gnocchi “nicoise”

Right – seared scallop over pork belly


Left – pepper crusted lamb with Yukon gold potato and mushroom cognac sauce

Right – roasted rack of lamb with nicoise olives and rosemary jus

Left – peach ice cream with puff pastry

Right – Almond sponge cake



Table 10

I started off lunch at this Emeril restaurant with the roasted beef marrow. The marrow was served with parsley toasted brioche and coarse sea salt. The marrow wasn’t as creamy and buttery as I had expected. Unfortunately, I had bigger expectations and was a little disappointed.

Next up, I had the grilled chicken breast in a tomato and wild mushroom sauce. For being a chicken breast, I was pleasantly surprised to find how tender and moist it was. The mushroom sauce was so hearty and provided that earthy combination that balanced well with the tomatoes.

CUT Steakhouse

I never would have imagined that I’d have one of the best steaks at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant. But after dining here, I was in steak heaven. I ordered the 10 oz. Kobe rib eye steak cooked medium. The steak was seasoned with olive oil, sea salt and pepper, seared and then sits for 15 minutes before serving. It was such a tender piece of steak, every piece just cut like butter and was seared perfectly on the outside.

Jean Philippe Patisserie

I knew that I had to stop at the world famous pastry chef Jean Philippe’s restaurant to get a sample of his famous chocolate and crepes. I ordered a dessert crepe with mixed berries. It looked a lot more decadent that it tasted. For being a dessert item, it was extremely light and the fruit and syrup just gave the perfect amount of sweetness.

I went to Vegas intent of eating some amazing cuisine, and I really do think that I accomplished my mission. For being someone who really isn’t big on gambling, I was able to occupy most of my time with food. This seriously is a great place to try really good food.

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