First Time for Stone Crab Claws!

I was in Orlando after Thanksgiving and an opportunity came up for me to go to a restaurant called FishBones to try my very first stone crab claws. I had always heard about these, and they are native to the FL area, so why not give them a try. One of the unique things about stone crab claws is the way they are harvested. They have one large claw that is removed and the crab is allowed to go back into the ocean to regenerate its claw.

As with any crab, they are sold by the dozen and the price does fluctuate based upon supply. We went to FishBones with a native Floridian and he had called a few different places asking about price, and from what he said, FishBones were pretty reasonably priced.So we ordered up 2 dozen stone crab claws. They were served with a mayo dipping sauce. But in my opinion, the claws were amazing on its own. The kitchen pre-cracked the claws to make it easier for the diners to enjoy, especially since the shells were a little on the tougher side. After the first few bites, the crab meat reminded me of Dungeness crabs, so meaty, sweet and succulent. It was super delicious! Each claw was amazingly fresh and steamed to perfection. Now, I don’t have much to compare it to, since this was my first experience with stone crab claws, but they were quite a treat. I’d recommend anyone to give stone crab claws a try if you’re in the area. I can’t wait to go back in January and visit FishBones again for round 2 of stone crab claws!

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One Thought to “First Time for Stone Crab Claws!”

  1. Quinn

    Try them with just a little bit of lemon. Ask Rick about that, too. Amazing. Its no wonder they’re so expensive.

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