Finally Made it to Four Sisters

I’ve heard amazing things about Four Sisters since I moved into the area a few years ago. I don’t know why I’ve never made it over there before, but was super happy when my husband suggested we try them out for lunch. It did feel a little odd that I wasn’t going to Eden Center for Vietnamese food. Four Sisters is located in Merrifield, right across from Sea Pearl. The restaurant itself was impressive. It was very spacious and very clean and modern looking; I was a fan of the dark wood interior.

We started off our meal with cha gio (fried spring rolls) and goi cuon (fresh garden rolls). The cha gio were actually quite tasty, with a very crispy shell and well seasoned filling. The goi cuon was a little below standard for me. I’ve never been a fan of iceberg lettuce in my garden rolls, and it was missing cilantro and mint.

Next up, we got Seafood stir fried with soft yellow egg noodles and Crispy and Spiced Jumbo Shrimp.

The seafood with egg noodles was not at all what I had imagined. It was all tossed in a very mild garlic sauce. The vegetables were crisp and fresh and not over sautéed. The egg noodles were hidden beneath all the seafood and vegetables, so it soaked up all the delicious sauce. It was a very light dish, but still had a good amount of flavor. I couldn’t get over how amazingly delicious the vegetables were. Normally, I prefer my dishes a little bit more on the salty and spicy side, but this dish was perfect as is and proved to be a great lunch dish!

The crispy jumbo shrimp dish was served on a bed of fresh mixed greens and watercress. A salt/black pepper/lime dipping sauce was served on the side. The jumbo shrimp were plentiful and perfectly seasoned! It wasn’t overly spicy, but was still very savory and crispy. It paired extremely well with the fresh watercress and greens underneath.

For my very first trip to Four Sisters, I was pretty impressed. They have a very extensive menu, so I’m more than willing to come out again and try some more items. The staff was attentive and friendly, which is a plus in my book at a Vietnamese restaurant.

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  1. Quinn

    You shoudl try to make the salt and pepper shrimp at home. Love that junks. That way, when you perfect the recipe, you can let the rest of us know how to make it. win-win-win (the shrimp industry wins too)!

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