Family Dinner at PassionFish for July’s Edition of FFA

For this latest round of Family Food Adventure (FFA) we decided to venture out west to Reston over the weekend and give PassionFish a try. I do want to thank some fellow foodies who recommended this place to me on Twitter. PassionFish is owned by the same trio who own DC Coast; as the name suggest, the specialty here is seafood.

Walking in, you can’t help but notice the seafood station in the middle of the main dining room. There’s also a pretty spectacular glass staircase; the décor is definitely contemporary and makes you feel like you’ve been whisked out to sea.

Settling in, we decided to start off with the big daddy – a seafood tower complete with lobster tails, crab claws, clams, oysters, and shrimp. The seafood was definitely very fresh, and for a group of 6, is was the perfect starter to share. We also ordered 2 specialty sushi rolls based on the waitress’ recommendations. Both did not disappoint and the dipping sauces gave the sushi a unique twist.

For my entrée, I got the red curry lobster, spicy of course. The waitress even stated that their curry was pretty mild, and being a lover of hot peppers, I had to get it spicy. It would be wrong of me to order a mild curry. It was kind of neat when my dish was brought out. It was a shallow bowl with a cup of rice. Then the waitress brought out a small clay pot that contained the curry and scooped generous helpings over my rice. I liked being served that way.  The curry wasn’t completely authentic, it was a definite fusion, but the kaffir lime leaves and coconut milk – the 2 most essential curry ingredients in my book – were definitely there. I also liked the pieces of pineapple, which added a nice break from the overall spiciness and added sweetness to the broth.

My husband got the whole crispy flounder.  The size was enormous; it looked like it was enough to feed a family of 4. As soon as the platter hit the table, all we could smell was the pungent aroma of the fish sauce. One of the best Asian combinations to me is fried fish and fish sauce. The flounder was cooked perfectly and served alongside a cucumber salad. I think I would have traded in the cucumber salad for a big bowl of rice though; that seemed more fitting.

I also managed to get a bite of the scallops, pan seared with snow peas, mushrooms and trofie pasta. The scallop was seared perfectly, and along with the bite I had, I was pleasantly surprised to find crunchy bacon pieces. That was a great addition to the creamy milky texture of the scallop.

We had ordered a few side items, but the one that stood out to me was the lobster mac n cheese. Who doesn’t want a little lobster on a good ole classic comfort food? The butter and cheesiness of the mac n cheese went so well with the sweet and plump chunks of lobster meat.

The food here was really good, seafood was very fresh and the entrees had incredible flavors; the price point, however, was a little bit on the steep side. I don’t think I’d put this in my regular dining rotation, but it was worth the trip to Reston. As we all polished off the last of the donut holes for dessert, we seemed to be pretty satisfied with dinner and happy with another successful FFA.

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  1. We love Passion fish, but you’re right, it is a bit pricey. Love, love, love the donut holes! Our 8 yr old is dying to try the seafood tower – maybe next time!

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