Dinner at Two Amy’s Pizza

So for round 3 of my Neapolitan Pizza eating tour, I decided to go to Two Amy’s in DC. I’ve been told countless times that I need to go and try out their pizzas; the hype is definitely there, people were swearing to me that this was the best pizza they’ve ever had. So my husband and I decided to go on a little dinner and movie date night after work and finally see what Two Amy’s was all about.

In order to make a fare comparison, we had to get the same pizzas we got at Pupatella and Pizzeria Orso. So we ordered up the Margherita pizza and a salami/pepperoni/buffalo mozzarella pizza.

It came out unsliced, just like Pizzeria Orso, but this time I was prepared for that. Starting with the Margherita pizza, it was good; the dough was super pillowy soft and chewy, but I wasn’t wow-ed by it. I think I made the mistake of comparing that pizza to Pupatella’s, which happens to be my favorite. On its own, the Margherita pizza was delicious, but it didn’t stack up to Pupatella’s. The fresh basil flavor didn’t pop and the mozerella wasn’t as creamy as I thought it should have been. The make our own pizza with salami/pepperoni/buffalo mozzarella was also subpar to me. To be frank, I’ve had a better experience elsewhere.

As we walked away, I realize that I’m just really partial to Pupatella. Two Amy’s was good on its own, but it couldn’t hold a candle to Pupatella. And this may be blasphemous, but in my book, Two Amy’s wasn’t the best pizza I’ve ever had. Now, if I’m in the neighborhood and wanted a Neapolitan style pizza, would I go there? Sure, but I’d try a different pizza though. So how do the 3 pizza places stack up according to me: 1) Pupatella 2)Pizzeria Orso 3)Two Amy’s

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  1. Quinn

    Dude, that picture of the Buffalo/Pepperoni is making me so HONGRY (its 0348 AM and I’m at work reading your site). Remind me never to surf your site while I am at work and unable to get something to eat.

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