Dining at Honey Pig Izakaya

I’m a huge fan of Honey Pig Goldagee so when I heard about their sister restaurant, Honey Pig Izakaya, opening up, I had to mark my calendar to go check them out! What makes this place different from the original Honey Pig? Well for starters, it’s not a real Korean BBQ restaurant. Instead, it’s a Japanese fusion place, specializing in yakitori (grilled skewers), ramen noodles and sushi.

The décor reminds me a lot of Honey Pig, it’s definitely a little smaller and the bar takes a prominent role on the first floor. There is also seating available in the dining room upstairs.

Looking over the extensive menu, it really was hard deciding on what to get. So I settled on some sushi to start, a bowl of their miso ramen noodles and some yakitori.

The sushi wasn’t mind blowing or anything, just average; but I really did not expect too much of that. The ramen noodles though were actually super tasty. The broth was savory with the perfect amount of thickness. The ramen noodles were accompanied by a boiled egg, bamboo shoots and steamed bean sprouts. The noodles were cooked perfectly, not too mushy or al dente. This was such a hearty and flavorful bowl. For anyone who is interested in trying out ramen noodles and doesn’t feel like venturing out into DC, I’d definitely recommend coming here.

I ordered a variety of yakitori skewers: the chicken, pork belly and pork meatballs. They were all grilled with a sweet and savory sauce. I would have preferred some rice to accompany the skewers, but all in all, it was pretty tasty.

I think this place has potential. Nothing really blew my mind, but I can see myself coming back for a bowl of ramen noodle soup next time I’m in the mood.

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