Dim Sum at Hong Kong Pearl Seafood Restaurant

Over Memorial Day weekend, I received my copy of the Washingtonian Magazine and the featured article was “100 Cheap Eats”. Flipping straight to the Asian cuisine section, my eye was immediately drawn to the little blurb about Hong Kong Pearl. I remember seeing this place mentioned several times in my twitter feed, and with it down the street at Seven Corners, I couldn’t think of a better Sunday lunch than dim sum!

Heading there around noon was probably not the smartest decision, since that tends to be peak dim sum time, but we didn’t have to wait long for a table to be ready. The space was pretty massive and it was packed, but being only a party of 2, we were seated pretty quickly! Our waiter was very attentive while we waited for the carts of steaming dim sum to come by our table. We of course started with the usual to see how it compared to our other favorite dim sum spots: shumai, hai gow, stir fry egg noodles, chicken feet, crispy pork and duck.


All in all, the dim sum here was very decent. I loved the portions of the shumai and hai gow, they were larger than most places and stuffed to the brim with the delicious filling. As stated in a previous post, I fell in love with the egg noodles here. I think next time, I’d resist ordering the duck and pork again, they were delicious, but probably not something I should have at every dim sum outing! The selection wasn’t as great as China Garden or Fortune, so I was disappointed in that, but it had my normal go-to items, including my favorite sesame seed balls and pineapple buns. And the pricing was great! For 2 people, we only had a $40 bill, which was amazing in my book! I’d like to think of Hong Kong Pearl as a pretty good alternative to China Garden and I don’t have to wait an extremely long time to get seated and devour some of my favorite dim sum dishes!

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  1. I’ve never been there, but should definitely go!! Shumai and pineapple buns are my absolute favorite! We always go to China Garden.

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