Crawfish Dinner in Eden Center

Sometimes it’s hard when a craving hits me and our area really isn’t known for that type of cuisine. I love crawfish (also commonly known as crayfish and crawdads). There’s just something so decadent yet filling about getting my hands dirty while devouring those succulent little crustaceans that resemble mini-lobsters!

There is a chain-type restaurant that opened up near the Zoo that I’ve been to a few times. But on this particular cold night, I wasn’t in the mood to trek into the city. After doing my due diligence and looking on Yelp, we happened to find Seaside Crab House right in Eden Center, down the street from my house! There were a variety of mixed reviews, but for the most part, it seemed like a winner to me.

Upon first impression, this place looked a little on the sketchy side. It’s an outdoor tent that’s set up right in front of the tiny restaurant. And just a warning, this is not a place to impress a date. The décor is very random and odd and they use paper plates and cups. But looks aside, I was still determined to get my craving for crawfish satiated!

 We started out with an order of their crab fried rice. I was impressed with the huge and plentiful chunks of crab meat. The fried rice was a little on the bland side, but there was a small sauce bowl of soy sauce and chili peppers, so that added the instant flavor boost I needed.

We also got 5 pounds of crawfish. For about $10/lb, I couldn’t resist. It came out steaming hot in a bag full of garlic and hot chili peppers. And since it was a Vietnamese establishment, they served the crawfish with a sauce dish filled with lime juice and salt/pepper, the best sauce to accompany any seafood in my book!

The crawfish themselves were all decently sized and juicy as ever. The spicy garlic sauce was perfect. All in all, it was a pretty decent meal. I think if my craving for crawfish comes back again, I know where I will be dining!


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