Brunch at the Green Pig Bistro

A good friend suggested meeting up for brunch and she had a list of 3 places she wanted to try. My eye was immediately drawn to the Green Pig Bistro; it’s a pretty catchy name and I’ve seen a lot of buzz about this place on Twitter. It’s a relatively new place, so I was excited to give it a try. The atmosphere is very cool, we actually got seated near the bar area instead of the main dining room. Looking over their brunch menu, there were a handful of delicious looking items, but our waiter also gave us some of his recommendations.

 We started off with the cinnamon rolls and sour cream donut.  The cinnamon rolls were topped generously with a cream cheese icing that I thought was a little overpowering and the rolls would have been tastier if they were warm. The sour cream donut on the other hand, was amazing. I was a little skeptical at first seeing as how I’m not even a fan of sour cream. But it was incredibly moist and the icing was perfect. I kind of wished we had gotten a second order of the donut!

For my entree, I decided to go with the angry bird, which was a piece of fried chicken with a waffle and gravy. Our waiter raved about how this was one of their most popular dishes and they were super proud of their fried chicken. And for me, fried chicken and waffles just sounds like an amazing brunch item. The fried chicken was worth all the rave, it was coated in a very light, yet crunchy batter; it almost reminded me of corn meal. And the seasoning was perfect, it even had a little hint of spiciness which I loved. That paired with the sweet maple syrup on the waffle was perfection. I wasn’t a big fan of my waffle being drowned in gravy though. But I was too in love with my chicken to have the over soaked waffle ruin my meal.

I was very impressed with brunch! My friend ordered the shrimp, grits and egg which I had eyeballed as well. I am definitely coming back to give that dish a try and to order another round of the donuts!

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2 Thoughts to “Brunch at the Green Pig Bistro”

  1. Love Green Pig! Been for appetizers and wine but definitely want to check out brunch. I’ll remember to order the donut!

  2. Burt

    I haven’t been yet, so I guess I’ll have to decide between the Angry Bird and Shrimp ‘n’ Grits ‘n’ Egg… or do I? 😉

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