Birthday Lunch at Bastille

Over the weekend, we celebrated a special birthday by having a pretty fantastic lunch at Bastille in Alexandria, VA. This restaurant has been on my eating list for a while. I’m a huge fan of French cuisine and have made it one of my goals to try out all the French places in the area. The interior is very quaint and small. It has a romantic feel to it, so great location for a date! There’s a pretty nice sized bar as well. I was also told that if you dine at the bar, you receive a 20% discount off food. That might be a good option for my next visit!


After sipping on my latte, I decided to get the Cassoulet with Duck leg Confit for lunch. The duck leg was deep fried and served over top slow baked white beans with pork belly and duck sausage. As my dish was placed in front of me, I was overwhelming impressed with the crispiness of the duck leg. It was fried to perfection. The coating was very mildly salted which paired well with the tender white beans. The pork belly was also deep fried, just the way I like it. And to my surprise, I loved finding the slices of duck sausage hiding in my bean stew. The dish was perfectly balanced, both in terms of texture and taste. Everything complemented each other, the crispy duck leg with the soft beans; the fried pork belly and the tender and flavorful duck sausage. The dish was probably really bad for my cholesterol level, but it felt very much like a rustic dish you’d find in the French countryside.  Needless to say, I was very pleased with lunch and am really looking forward to my next meal there.

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