A Great Dinner with Some New Friends at 2941 Restaurant

I jumped at the opportunity to meet up with some fellow writers for the Falls Church Times; I thought it would be so much fun to meet people who were into food as much as I was. We decided to have a nice leisurely dinner at 2941. I hadn’t been there since their remodel, so was excited to check it out.

The menu was completely redone and I love the concept of the small plates. This meant I could try out more items without feeling overly guilty.

I started with the squid ink spaghetti. Normally, I’m not a huge fan of squid ink; I think it can be an overpowering flavor. But this dish was done superbly. The delicate spaghetti was served in a spicy clam broth with olives, tomatoes and shrimp. The broth was amazing light and paired very well with the boldness of the squid ink. I loved the greens sprinkled over top and the olives gave a very nice salty kick.


Next, I had the Peruvian bass with saffron mussels. The bass was beautifully cooked, it was tender and flavorful and quite meaty. The dish was served with fingerling potatoes and red mustard leaves. The sauce was creamy enough to coat my bites of fish, but not too garlicky or oily.

I ended my meal with one of best desserts I’ve had in a long time, it was the chocolate churro with expresso crème caramel. The churro was flaky with an amazing sugary coating; it paired so well with the caramel. I was also surprised by the deliciousness of the cinnamon sherbet served alongside the churro. The dessert wasn’t super sweet and definitely did not put me over the top. In fact, it was the perfect way to end my dinner.

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